Dear Royals,

For nearly 40 years Dutchy's Hot dog wagon has graced the confines of CTC, this time may soon be at an end.

The implementation of the new PAYD system (pay as you dine), has startling consequences for all military establishments throughout the UK .

As Dutchy's is situated in one of the trial camps we are perhaps the vanguard of the many small businesses that will soon come under fire from these faceless mega corporations. In the shortest possible terms these corporate giants have bought the rights to remove all competition from the field. And as such, your "basic right to choice".

We do not wish to stop PAYD from being instigated; we only want the right to continue a service that has been a part of the Corps for many years. As for the people who have made these decisions, they neither use the service, nor appreciate its regard within the Royal Marines.

This is perhaps your one chance to change that.

Thank You,


(MA) Medical Orderly Gillson : PLEASE KEEP DUTCHY'S. It makes up for :- no tanks, old ships, bad choppers, shit boots, crap scran , old planes, stinking accommodation, fat wrens and no ammo! Great Med cover though! All the best Dutchy .

S.O.D Campaign  

Dutchy fed me when I was a recruit and he saved me from near starvation in the days before four meals. He was often the highlight of my day.

Today Dutchy feeds my recruits for whom I have collective responsibility and continues to be the highlight for many of them. My recruits are just like I was, hungry men in every sense, in need of some good food and at a place where all Royal Marines unashamedly and unwittingly mix. Dutchy gives them that. Many of my recruits eat the four scheduled meals, but on top of that they have Dutchy's too. Why: because they're hungry again by 2300, it tastes good, it's different to Galley scran and because he is open at ridiculous hours in the night and morning. Critically it's because of the camaraderie which exudes from Dutchy's caravan, good banter surrounded by the appetizing smell of his food cooking. But underneath it all Dutchy treats my recruits like Lord's, for a moment they feel great, he calls them “Sir” in a place where almost everyone else is “Sir” to them. And their self-esteem grows and their stomachs are full and warm and they jabber away content as they head for their grots, satisfied that there is another world out there, perhaps not as good as our Royal Marines, but one where they are valued for what they are- satisfied customers in every sense. “Keep Dutchy's for the Corps, he's bigger than the few shillings he gets off my recruits” If you asked my recruits to put their hands in their pockets to save Dutchy, they'd do it. If you asked them to do it for the Galley, or Jim's diner, or any other outlet, well…….they wouldn't.

Lt Col C D B Thorpe OBE RM – OC Commando Training Wing