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Fat Drives- without Dutchy’s I’d be 10 stone

Smelt- it’s 12.40 I’m pissed “thank f*** for Dutchy’s

Hill- What is this s*** about closing Dutchy’s. F***em ! keep on cooking if they cant stand the heat! Poke it.

Don- Dutchy’s is an integral part of Royal Marines training!!

Dr Spock- Couldn’t have made it through training without me Kaptin Kirks

Tasker- It’s part of training been here since “66” , 38 years Nod training. MOD can stand by! Corp memorable date me thinks.

Abel- I think Dutchy’s should remain open because of their prestige service that started in the early years, and the memory it carries throughout Marine training, its tradition. I am from Fiji and have been all over the world and love Dutchy’s. I have a lot of admiration for his late hours. Please keep him open.

Sheen Cpl- Dutchy’s is the bollocks!

Dutchy- were part of Europe now, don’t you mean “le boules le chiean”

Ciny (sniper)- Legendary food! Great to witness end of an era. Amazing to lose part of “bootneck culture”

Pearson- GOAL………………… not!

Burgey- Dutchy’s Rocks

Walker- dutchy’s has been here for a long time. Why get rid of a service we all rely on when we want to get toppers.

Bones-“ I’m a doctor not a bricklayer”

Webster- Duthy’s rules.

Rossel- Dutchy’s is a Corps institution you cant allow this to happen.

Pinneli- Dutchy’s keeps people sane in a crazy situation; it keeps us going and always picks us up. To close it would be stupid, it would add to the insanity of what we do here. KEEP DUTCHY’S OPEN!

Finlay- Keep It. It got me through the hardest training in the world.

Ball- All of the above tenfold.

Harrison- Good Food, Awesome service

Stones- I am fat and I love it. Keep up the good work Dutch. F***em all. Dig your heels in and don’t go.

“Anything else”. We will all miss it.

Wade- I can’t believe that CTC is selling out to the big bully business boys, go sick em Dutch.

Geri- Sod the spoilsports. LONG LIVE DUTCH!!

Treblle- Keep going, we need this place!

Ken- F***em all, Keep Dutchy’s open.

Small- Number 1 customer says”Dutchy has been here longer than most sergeants have been In the Corp, let him stay!”

Wilky- Leave Dutchy’s alone you bastards! Vive Le Dutchy’s

Nessbit- Dutch is top scran for the corps, let him stay.

Myers- Dutchy is my GOD.

Bilyard- Dutchy’s is as much a part of Lympstone as “bottom field” & “mud runs”. Keep the traditions alive.

Lambert- Beats galley food by miles. It’s good because it makes a change; you become sick of galley food all the time.

Bateman- F*** the NAAFI, Dutchy for VC.

Barrass- How does one even f***** consider the decision to take away a cornerstone in the training and morale of “nods”. To take it away is a sin. Stay on son.

Mitchell- I rejoined the Corp today. The first place I visited? Dutchy’s!! It’s a good thing, a great thing and a tradition thing! Keep it going.

Symes- How the devil can they possibly consider shutting down the only corps tradition left. Vive le Dutchy’s.

Smiths CTW- That’s right, take another good thing away from the Corps. Who’s making these stupid decisions?

Lofty ATK3 45Cdo- The world has gone mad! The Royals should be disbanded before Dutchy

Smudge Jcc- I will not spend any money again at military establishments if Dutchy goes, and I will come down hard on those that do.

Simmo Jcc- Wasn’t looking forward to Jcc, But was well looking forward to Chips and cheese, and a Chicken Burger with Mayo. Good effort Dutch.

Brady- Dutchy’s is the dogs. Best place on camp and the ultimate hangover cure. Best scran on camp, don’t want your commercial s*** it’s pathetic. Why change perfect.

Jonesy- Tell that lot to stick it! Dutchy’s is the recruits church. Get rid of Dutchy’s and you lose a Marines life line. DON’T DO IT!.

Stevo- Long live Dutchy’s! He’s a F***ING LEG-END!

Cuccy- I love SEX, SLAGS and DUTCHY’S xxxxxx

Steve NCNO- You was a life saver during training and now you’re a life saver on the Jcc. All the best.

Smelt- Comfort food for when my Feet HURT!

Daly- Better than the galley, and always service with a smile, Don’t get rid of our favourite fast food joint!

Turnbull- The only thing I think about when I am in the field.

Windham- Couldn’t make it through training with out a nice big Dutchy’s

Small- Allways a morale booster, couldn’t do it without him.

Armstrong- Anyone who thinks Dutchy should go……….PROVE………………Exactly! Dutchy’s. What no man could do with out!

Cook- I wouldn’t have this kind of body without Dutchy’s. It’s F***ing criminal to get rid of him just to make an easy dollar.

Balance- Dutchy’s is what keeps me going through training!!...............Gutted!

Metcalf- Dutch is great if you get rid of him you are stupid, he keeps us going.

Simes- It’s an absolute travesty. Been here since before most of us were born for Pete’s sake.

Bentley- An unmitigated disaster the upper echelons should be lined up and lashed with the cat. What is going on with supporting our grass routes and remembering our heritage? Get rid of this corporate schism.

Adams- And how long will it be till we lose the freedom of when we go to bed. Next it will be a bloody curfew! You can’t have everything!

Whitfield- Complete sell-outs! In a place where morals and tradition are respected, their being complete hypocrites.

Gleeson- Not fair at all. Dutchy’s is an institution. This whole “pay as you dine” thing is stupid. WE NEED OUR FOOD! Dutch if you go, open up a new one over the road!

Sineolt- You can’t get rid of Dutchy’s its NOD tradition!

Astle- Dutch is our hero, let him stay!!!

Kirk (Cpl) - Ok I have been coming here for some years now and I am getting pretty bored with the rolls without butter, far to dry. Everything else is ok.

Barker- Good food, Good service. Why fix it if it isn’t broke.

Davis- The whole part of coming back to CTC on course is looking forward to your first Dutchy’s in years. Don’t take away something we love!

Gaby- I have never seen anything like it FAB.

Matt- Sound as a pound, and hard as nails, don’t let it go.

Walshy- Dutchy’s is why I joined the Marines.

Wilkens- Dutchy’s is awesome, you can’t close it. We love it.

Danby- Save Dutchy’s its better than NAAFI food.

Vardy- I love Dutchy’s and slapping civvies.

Kemp- I wouldn’t of made it this far if it wasn’t for Dutchy’s.

Morris (Cpl)- If Dutchy’s goes I’m going with it!!

Mattison- Can’t stand the miserable gits in the NAAFI, Dutchy’s Rules.

Beveridge- We love Dutchy’s

Martinez- Dutchy’s 4 EVA

Hore- If anything can pick you up on a late night in the Corps it’s the truly legendary Dutchy’s. No one could do it better.

Maine- Allready written in this book but feel so strongly about this I must write again.Dutchy’s has been here a long TIME. It simply must STAY.

Ball- I couldn’t have done my training without Dutchy’s! It’s something to look forward to and it keeps you going in the field.

Hill- written before but doing it again. It’s another night out. F***em. Dutchy must stay!!

Warren- Dutchy is a legend, part of corp history. Save Dutchy’s.

Ellis- Dutchy’s is awesome, I bore people with it back in Manchester. His late night Scran is the best.

Garfield- This is wicked.

Cooney- Dutchy’s cant be closed hes a legend at CTC just as much as the endurance course.

Tupman- You cant axe Dutchy’s court marshall offence. Try it and face the wrath of “Commando Training Centre Nodi” Keep Dutchy’s open forever.

Smelt- Dutchy, the only service on camp with a smile.

Curley- Dutchy is good for morale and you need morale to survive this place.

Mass- what you going to do for scran when your up and about at 0200.

Killer- 22 years coming to this place. Would hate to lose it.

Maz- Want to shut Dutchy’s, what is wrong with these people?

Neville- I don’t believe that Killer got here before me. First time for everything, Acc 2/04 Mon Wk 4 YUK!

Samm- It’s a must only place to eat when late pissed and hungry.

Dann- There joking? Dutchy’s a life saver.

Barker(Cpl)- Quality Don’t shut it.

Phillips (Cpl)- Don’t bin it Top scran.

Patrick (Cpl)- Keep it open nobbers.

Cooper (Sgt)- Dutch was here when I was in training and for subsequent courses and visits. The value, friendliness and service is second to none and always has been. I cannot see anyone providing a service to match.

May- you are hoofin.

Buddon- Dutchy’s is a Royal Marine tradition, like getting shiters and being seen off! Save Dutchy’s

Lume- Stay strong.

Metcalf- Dutchys’s is part of the Royal Marines just like the Green Beret.

Rushton- Dutchy’s is a hoofin tradition keep him here!

Noble- Dutch is a big part of Lympstone don’t get rid!!

Bryan- Dutch got me through training.

Street (Cpl)- Get rid of Dutchy’s??? why not bin the Commando tests next. Keep the faith and get rid of 9-O-clockers instead!

Gould (Cpl)- Dutch is part of the Commando Ethos, and now part of corps history. Get rid of Jims Diner.

Baker- Dutchy’s is the only good thing at CTC

Player- Dutchy’s is part of lympstone. Simple as!

Johnson- Dutch is a GODSEND.

Metcalf- Save Dutchy’s, get rid of everything else

Carter- Ditch pussers scran! Keep Dutchy’s. Nods need this.

Morgan (CSGT)- simply the best! Dutchy’s is CTCRM, long may he stay.

Sutherland (W02)- Sceptics say standards are slipping at CTCRM however I disagree! However if Dutchy is allowed to fade into history it will be official. Standards will have SLIPPED!

James (MA)- Save Dutchy’s. It should be a hanging offence to get rid of this service institution. Long live Dutchys.

Gillson (MA)- PLEASE KEEP DUTCHY’S! It makes up for :- No tanks, old ships, bad choppers, s*** boots, crap scran, lousy guns, no planes, stinking accommodation, fat wrens, no ammo and TAX! ………….Great MED cover though. All the best Dutchy.

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