credits page

Lots of people have helped with support for the S.O.D campaign, to all of them a huge Thank You.

The "Woggsy" Brothers, for using their time and energy on a cause that holds no gain for them, without their time and skill none of this would have been possible. To them I say, if we manage to win this one, we will design a new "Wogger Special", and it will be the Ultimate!

"once a marine" for starting the discussion, that has quickly spread the word. TC for the first letter of support, Pete & Mutley for the direct approach. Trigger, Nev Weston, Rob Parry, Andy OPray, Mackers, Tony, Jason, Mark E, Clas, Si Bywater & Derek Blevins. All of whom took the time to input advice and suggestions.

And finally, to all the lads at CTC that have been spreading the word, and rallying to the cause.