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Maybe not a "joining" memory but certainly one from the days as a sprog ... Dutchie Holland & his burger van,parked on NCO Training Wing "Parade",outside the old Mansards @ C TC ... best burgers I ever tasted ! ... he must have "retired" a Millionaire,the amount of business he got from Nods down the years !

I'm not sure he's a millionaire, but I believe his lad now runs the chuck wagon, same food, same people needing it after cleaning their kit and themselves< they also do chips now . Dutch, a great institution and cholesterol control centre.


Did the Corps ever "honour" him,as they do with people who have provided a long standing,valuable service to the benefit of Royal Marines ? ... 'cos if they didn't,they should !

His old "waggon" ought to be outside the Corps Museum ,as a reminder of the cold,empty bellies he filled

Power to son of "Dutch" !

The other thing Dutch handed out with his food was a great dollop of understanding, he wasn't only there to take your cash, if you had any! He'd listen, commiserate/congratulate/castigate and then put it all on tick 'til Friday; when the whole cycle would start again. He should be patted on the head by the Corps, he helped keep us all going in the dark hours. It was also one of those few places where you could put your hands in your pockets to keep warm while waiting! Happy days.

Always remember the burger van at C TC . I was on my HW2(mor) course and, after the obligatory run ashore in the costa-del-exmouth, a burger and cup of soup felt just the job.

Burger (Cheese, troops, for the use of) was fine and dandy.

Soup? Warning. Do not try to drink the soup when semi reclined in bed - the temperature is akin to that of molten lava. The whole f*&^%$*g cup went over my chest, causing a degree of sympathy from ther other guys aligned with the degree of burns.

Thanks to the guys who threw me in the cold shower and got the duty medic.

Never did that again, believe me. :drinking:

The reason that Dutchy Holland made such good burgers was that he was HW whilst serving, therefore, he had lots of practice.


Dutchy Holland was indeed in HW branch in 40 Cdo, as I last saw him as a
Cpl. Burma Camp and in Borneo .
If I remember right, it was Dutchy who zapped an Indo sentry during a Claret Op, whilst with sections of A & B companies in 1965, using his sterling.

I hope his civy business went well.

I can't believe what I am reading here. Get rid of Dutchy's - ridiculous! Dutchy's is a part of Corps History and the service should be continued to support our courageous lads going through the mill. Is Aramak really so scared of the competition from Dutchy's? I thought this government were all for choice for the consumer (but don't get me onto that!). Perhaps a letter to the Competition Commission might help.

My everlasting memory of Dutchy's is that he was the only person to treat you with a bit of respect and decency whilst you were a Nod. He always called all of his customers Sir, unless he knew your name and his memory for names and regular orders was unbelievable, especially when you consider that a new Nod troop was joining C TC every week in 1974.


To get rid of Dutchy would be absolutely scandalous

Just another money grabbing consortium afraid of a bit of competition. Not to mention the fact that Dutchy's fare is probably ten times better and far more satisfying.
Nothing like it when getting back from a run ashore or a jaunt on Woodbury Common.

Hands off Dutchy I say. He is part of the Corps

Hope that Dutchy is saved from extinction, I would kill for a mushroom burger or one of Dutchy's mixed grills, He also opened one at Bickleigh while I was there, nothing like a run ashore in guz (union street) come back to barracks get a feed from Dutchy, go to bed, get up, throw up go back to bed, All the best to Dutchy Jnr, to the MOD I say listen to the troops, Ha! PIGS MIGHT FLY,

What are these people trying to do??
As we all know during training you don't get much time to yourself and we know you are not supposed to eat everyday, BUT on the odd occasion we did get a minute
Dutchy was our link to sanity !. Our link to the outside world.
Good luck Dutchy we are all behind you
73tp Oct 74

Sad Times that they are even considering this.

Dutchy is part of Recruit Training. He never gave you anything but respect no matter what stage of training you where at. Can you imagine walking into the Galley at 2345hrs, manned by civvie food spoilers, your bucket in hand and a list of everything your room wants from Mush Burgers to Egg and Bacon Burgers with 2 eggs, 7 cans of coke a pint of milk, umpteen Mars Bars and have that same food spoiler know what troop your in and stage of training your at.

Don't let them get rid of Dutchy it would be criminal.

73 Tp Oct 74

Well what can I say? I cannot believe they are trying to do away with Duchy's!

Get the SUN involved that's what I say. With 40 Cdo just going out to Iraq and all the bootneck's that support Duchy then the SUN MUST know.

Perhaps they can put pressure on the men above. It's got to worth a try.

lets all send them an e mail and see if we can get a story in the SUN @ least.

Don't go without a fight guys. Never give in, that's what I was taught, keep going, do not give up!!

Pete, the e-mail has gone to the Sun. Perhaps we should also be lobbying the Camp Commandant .
Where else can you get a Bacon/Banana and Beef burger, large fries and Coke at 0130hrs on a Saturday morning in this country let alone C TC RM?


Dutchy As soon as you have a web site let me know I will splash it across the "Civvie-Street" and "Once A Marine Web pages" - I might even be able to put a link on the London RMA site and the RMA Central office site (I do them also)

Good luck mate.
Aye Tony (Egg and Mush Burger!)

Dutchy's is an icon, the byword for recruit training at ctcrm. His mush burgers are legendary, All the best for Dutchy.

ill pass the word round the east lancs RMA.

Yours aye


Dutchies is not just for recruits, it is for all the old and bold coming back for reunions, top tables, and regimental functions. I know I have been there on numerous occasions after coming back from Exmouth after a top table. Long Live Dutchies, down with bureaucrats!!!!!!


Best thing to do on this topic is send mail to the man in charge of all things 'Admin' at C TC RM. That's OC Admin Wing!
Bet the new facility wont give you credit when it's 'the week before the end of the month' and you're 'Harry Skinters'!!
Dutchy- both Snr and Jnr have been a crutch for many a pi**ed off nod. Remember seeing Snr sort out a Bully DL one night!!
Sad Loss!!

Hey Dutchy you deserve more than 15 mins of fame, they should devote at least 2 pages to you!!! Just to keep those MOD buggers thinking. Now I've said that does that qualify me to have a mushroom burger and a mixed grill sent to me all the way in Australia ?? Aye Steve

These guys were/are essential to morale. Only a fecking idiot would want to get rid of them: it's not as if they cost much, if anything, to support. My own favourite was 'Muhammed Amin, Contractor to HM Forces' at Bessbrook Mill. Back off a baseplate patrol at 3 in the morning and he was always there with an egg and bacon banjo or a cheeseburger. If they want to introduce 'pay as you dine' then fine, but they need to take the risk that the customers are going to vote with their feet (and wallets).
When the going gets tough... I'm off.

so were agreed , from the choggies in the province , to the exercise bratty wagon , an essential part of the fabric of soldiering life , does any of the engineers out there remember "tommys whoppers" in Weymouth , burgers with such mouth-watering names as "the big fat greasy b*stard burger"

used to sell car stickers with "I've had tommys whopper in my mouth" Laughing


and while I'm on the subject how about "jumping jimmy thunder" whatever happened to that mad cnut!!!!

The Save Dutchy Campaign is in full swing over at Mil Forums, protests coming back in from members all round the world. Please help if you can.

Get rid of Dutchy?

Most people on this forum at one time or another would have gone to Dutchy and had a freebie Burger and a "Clear Lower Deck" with the man, He made me decide to stick it out when I was thinking about binning myself at the old week 12, £25 and gone stage. I will lay evens that a hell of a lot of other Bootneck's would say the same. I reckon he vied with the Padre when it came to a kind word and good advice.

He was better than a breath of fresh air when you were down in the dumps. And he never forgot you (or what you owed him when short!) and I trust his son is the same. The times you went to that Van and got a bit of scran and some very wise Words about life were a boon to many Nods and indeed NCOs. He's a one off and God forbid they ever ask him to bugger off!

Just cannot understand why they are even thinking about getting rid of him!

If it weren't for him a Hell of a lot of Bunkerites would have taken a very different way of life and the Corp would have lost a lot of damn good soldiers.

Last time I was down there was for an Oppos top table lunch 8 years ago. Me and me Oppo Bob Longhorn (now dead) were sharing a grot in the Mess (we had known each other since 1974 and indeed asked to share a grot as otherwise some others would have had to pay for B&B in Exmouth. And He owed me Money. (Never got the dosh!) and as normal we had had a skinfull. Bob says "Lets have a Dutchy!" Off we toddle and join the queue. Bought me favourite, Burger, onions with baked beans. Whilst waiting in the queue we talked to the Nods and the Trained Ranks and I believe we and the still serving lads made a fair few Nods "Stick it out" rank counts for nought in a Dutchy Queue!

It was not just his words of wisdom but the Nods seeing and talking to the fellow human beings who were just as Ratar*sed/Hacked off as them that made a fair few stick it out because they saw what being a Royal Marine was all about. One Poor little sod was so down in the dumps that Bob gave him a couple of quid and his normal belting smile and told him that we all went through it.

Archie, Our Bob was a one off Oppo!

I was in training when Dutchy senior was there and then gone back as a VM when Dutchy junior had taken over. Even though he was never in the Corps he always had time for a laugh and a chin wag. He also let me have the odd freebie (always paid for next time) when I managed to blow my entire wedge in Exmouth, (thanks to Nutty Edwards, Terry Camsey and Parksy for making me go ashore!).
He never batted an eyelid at some of the rigs we turned up in, not least the grass skirts and coconut tits.
As mentioned earlier, there was no rank preference in Dutchy's queue.

Great times.

I will shake the old grey cells in my head and try and come up with a brief history of Jimmy's burger joint. I served with Jimmy in 41 Cdo Bickleigh, I think. When Jimmy first went outside he opened up his stall at the main gate, Bickleigh. This was a great respite for those who had just walked back from Plymouth .

Sometime later Jimmy relocated to the main gate at C TC RM. I didn't meet up with Jimmy again until I went to the HW wing as an instructor. From what I gather Jimmy eventually handed the business over to his son, who has run it ever since. As far as I know Jimmy's son never served in the Corps. If this is one of the reasons of trying to get rid of him, I find it rather flimsy and I would like to think that this is not the case.

It would be beneficial if somebody could publish the facts as to why they may be considering the cancellation of this franchise.

Aye - Andy.

Dutchy's to be evicted!!!!!!

This better be a bite like the 25mtr mortar range

Dutchy's can't be evicted. I though they allowed him permission to put a permanent building up for the service they offer.

Dutchy's is a great place when your threader's from all the dhobi and ironing you've just finished at 11pm . Only place I've ever encountered the RSM, Adj and some senior Col in command of training (three of the big four you see with there pick's on the wall in the galley). Ok they were shiter's from some mess do (and rigged up). Only time I've ever met them and had a pleasant conversation about the pro's and con's of digging roadside trenches (don't ask me I only humoured them).

Besides Dutchy's is the best thing to get back to after a run-a-shore down Exmouth, at least you guarantee the food is better than the slope merchant's in the square.

You can add my name to the save Dutchy campaign!

Heard this disturbing news from Ian Woolger .

My good friend "Dutchy Holland" (junior), who took over Dutchy from his father ex HW,RM is being threatened with removal from the Royal Marine Training Centre at Lympstone after serving food to hungry recruits for nearly 40 years. We are starting a "save Dutchy" campaign, so any e mails of support, would be welcome at

It would be a shame to see Dutchy evicted after all this time, the place just wouldn't be the same.
I could just murder a mush burger as we speak.

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