Present day

Dutch Junior

Since 1985 Dutchy's has been under the management of Jim Holland's eldest son Jim, (very un-original in this family as all the first born are called Jim! Particularly unfortunate for young Dutchy's eldest daughter..... Jim).

Young Dutch actually started work in the fall of 82' at the tender age of sixteen; this was meant as punishment for the use of bad language towards his younger brother Mark. This punishment is set to end in October 2012.

His apprenticeship lasted twelve years and consisted mainly of abuse along the lines of "Where's your Dad?" and "Not as quick as the Old Man!"

In that time he has served the likes of Prince Edwards's bodyguards, (Eddy apparently had the chicken cheese bacon burger with extra garlic mayo), and at least once a year Sir Jimmy Savile's golden Roller could be seen at the high class "Burger Van" that is Dutchy's. (Jimmy's always had such good taste)

In his time at CTC, Dutchy has witnessed such things as the "Naked Guitarist". A Royal, who after consuming several wets in the Mess would insist on returning to his grot, where he would undress, don his guitar and proceed to Dutchy's to entertain the queue with his rather unremarkable renditions of classic Beatles ballads for an hour or so until he finally passed out a top a picnic table. Only having to be woken up at 0400 and carried back to his pit by Dutch.

Former Royal Nick Payne Also liked to use the queue as an entertainment tool, usually for visiting members of other Military Establishments. In one instance an American Marine was heard to comment that the weather was a bit cold. Being the middle of winter and -6 with a 10 knot offshore breeze he may well have had a point. Marine Payne just back from a night Navex with his troop immediately stripped off, and using his unique rendition of American Marine marching songs, encouraged the others to follow suit. Within moments Dutchy remained the only one still in his rig (declining on Health and Safety grounds). Thirty minutes or so of "I want to be an Airborne Ranger" followed, much to the amusement of the Americans.

And another unique memory at Dutchy's was created. Perhaps thankfully you won't catch this sort of action at Mc Donald's.

At present Dutchy is in his twenty second year at Lympstone, and alas not looking forward to his Top Table.